Director of Digital

In October 2011, legendary publisher Felix Dennis gave Marc the opportunity to be his inaugural Director of Digital.

Marc was charged with looking after all of Felix’s digital projects. It was an opportunity he relished.

Consequently, he launched five new websites in first four months, including sites for the Heart of England Forest Project charity, Shogun Mustique holiday home (pictured), and Felix’s Beauties and Beast poetry tour.

Marc wireframed layouts for the sites, then commissioned/worked with designers to create them. He also created and edited content featured on all of the new sites.

Other highlights of his work for Felix included raising funds for the Heart of England Forest Project through his ‘Sponsor a Sapling’ campaign concept.

He also managed the migration of all of Felix’s websites, including, onto Rackspace server, enhancing uptime and security. He oversaw the update of to the latest version of WordPress.