Light Graffiti Cars


Ferrari FF

In 2009, two years after their first meeting, Marc teamed up with talented photographer Mark Brown to begin work on the Light Graffiti Cars – a series of light painting images of iconic cars.

Initially launched in November 2009, the project has gone on to become a web phenomenon, with a number of iterations appearing on,,, and

Such is their popularity that one article on Jalopnik garnered over 50,000 views in its first few hours.

The cars are sold via Athena and Rex Features.

This is the official website for the Light Graffiti Cars:

Cleanart Project: 10 Independent London Publications


Time Out logo

Image courtesy of Travis Hodges. For more of his work, visit:

In 2010, Marc decided it was the right moment to call time on Seven Magazine, after six years of running the publication.

As a tribute to the project and other iconic independent London publications, Marc asked the originator of reverse graffiti, legendary artist Moose Curtis, if he could paint the logos of 10 iconic publications around the capital.

With the permission of these publications, which included Time Out (pictured), Dazed and Confused, Vice, Urban Junkies and Loaded, Moose recreated the logos around Shoreditch, with the results appearing in The Observer Magazine, Time Out, Dazed and Confused and Urban Junkies.

Reverse Graffiti Cars


BMW i3 (c) Marc Cameron 2012

After the success of Cleanart Project: 10 Independent London Publications and Light Graffiti Cars, Marc desperately wanted to morph the two concepts by creating iconic cars using reverse graffiti.

In August 2011 this dream became a reality when Marc was flown out to Munich, Germany to work with Moose Curtis and Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin on the creation of iconic cars using Moose’s art form, reverse graffiti.

The team spent four days in a sweltering hot Munich creating the images of eco-friendly cars using reverse graffiti.

The outcome can be seen above. The Reverse Graffiti Cars appeared on Jalopnik, Inhabit and on Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin’s website.

You can see a video of the project below: