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Silicon 60 – Ones to Watch.
Featured in Evening Standard
News, April 2014.

We’ve now met the Aristechracy, the Miracle Growers, the Facilitators and the Upstarts. Today we bring you our final list of ones to watch and names to note on London’s start-up scene. Some of this lot have just started up, some are still in beta. But already all the top dogs are talking about them. Read More >>

This Season’s Five Fashion Tech Trendsetters. Featured in Tech City
News, September 2013.

The capital continues to dominate fashion trends across the globe – but how has this pool of raw talent influenced the tech scene? Tech City News rounded up some of London’s cutting-edge fashion tech startups to find out how they’ve sewn the worlds of fashion and tech together. Read More >>

Time Out logo graffitied in Shoreditch. Featured on, October 2010.

Under the cover of night on October 19, ‘clean art’ pioneer Moose Benjamin Curtis made his mark on the mucky streets of Shoreditch by cleaning ten iconic… Read More >>

Absolute Filth. Featured on Dazed and Confused’s website, October 2010.

“It started out with an old sock and a grimy road tunnel. We all have old socks.” You may not believe it, but Paul ‘Moose’ Curtis is an artistic pioneer. Seriously. Read More >>

Reverse Graffiti Hits Munich Streets and Pays Homage to Green Vehicles. Featured on, September 2011.

Graffiti has long been thought of as vandalism – spray paint and wheat pastes defacing city… Read More >>

Light Speed. Featured on, November 2010.

Photographer waves light bulbs in the air and paints supercars. Who needs Photoshop? Give us some crayons and a few e-numbers and we’d come up with some dodgy-looking supercar creations – quite… Read More >>

London Technology Week 2014: 10 top events for the diary. Featured on, June 2014.

With the capital’s first ever London Technology Week event taking place, has compiled a guide of the 10 top tech events that will be running throughout the city to champion London as a digital hub. Read More >>


Life on the edge for the independents. Featured on Press Gazette, April 2007.

WHILE the quick demise of So London magazine last week after three issues was particularly surprising, magazine closures are about as frequent as celebrity weddings in OK! Read More >>